eLearning projects

Considerations are ongoing to adapt teaching material for an eLearning platform, examples of courses being the following:

Principles of Marketing: Theory and Practice

This course is designed to provide a general insight into foundational marketing concepts and their practical application. It is relevant for those who wish to learn more about how marketing works, but also explains how we all ‘do’ marketing in everyday life.

“Consuming Marketing” and Consumer Behaviour

The fragmentation of markets and unpredictable consumer segments have led to an increasing interest in marketing from a consumer perspective. This course highlights the main areas of consumer behaviour and directs participants towards interdisciplinary, interpretive and often critical approaches to consumption and marketing.

Ethnography and Market Research

Ethnography has grown in popularity in market research for the depth and detail it can provide of how people live their lives with/without/against products, brands and services. This course covers the theory and developments of ethnography and gives participants the opportunity of training their own ethnographic skills.

Market Research Methods

Creative and insightful research is often key to innovation and understanding trends before anyone else. This course teaches a range of quantitative but mainly qualitative research methods, emphasising their ‘fit’ in research design and their practical application.