Ethnography and Consumer Research

Ethnography has grown in popularity as a research method in marketing and consumer research for its ability to experience and participate in a ‘slice of life’. With increasing ethnographies, different perspective and approaches to research design have also evolved. Of particular interest have been technological advances - mobile technology specifically - and how these can respond to challenges and obstacles encountered in the field. Gender differences in ethnographic fieldwork and the building of relationships in the field have also been explored in previous research (see film below).

For a contribution to a recent Vodafone study entitled "Mobile technologies: the digital fabric of our lives", click here.

Beyond consumer research, the process of adapting ethnography for entrepreneurship has been explored. Often considered a 'tool' for entrepreneurial discovery - or arguably entrepreneurial vision and interpretation - it can be particularly important for developing deep market insights and evaluating market potential. It may also further the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur.

"POV: Point of View... Consumers and Ethnographers in Perspective...", film presented at 2009 ACR Film Festival, Pittsburgh.