About Wendy Hein

Wendy Hein’s career has been shaped by all facets of marketing. She builds on her early involvement in events marketing, advertising and PR where she worked for global companies (looking after the UK and Spanish market in Ryanair for example), several marketing agencies (from knowledge business solutions for high-tech products in Germany to managing an ice rink event in the Dublin city centre), and government organisations (supporting projects for peace & reconciliation in Ireland). Ultimately, she was driven by her fascination with marketing as a pervasive feature of everyday life – and not just for those working in marketing departments. Stemming from several years of living and working across Europe, Wendy developed her expertise in interpreting cultures through self-integration within diverse communities. Her subsequent move into marketing research was influenced by these experiences. Her PhD research at The University of Edinburgh on the construction of men’s gender identities through consumption allowed her to formalise her training as an ethnographer and build her expertise in interpretive consumer research. Parallel to conducting research, Wendy also shared her passion for marketing through teaching at The University of Edinburgh and Dublin City University.

Wendy now works as a Lecturer in Marketing at Birkbeck, University of London, and is delighted to be teaching and researching her favourite subject - marketing and consumption - in an exciting European city.

Always eager to combine theory and practice, Wendy is still active in consultancy work and extends the potential of her research to strategic marketing purposes; parallel to teaching at Birkbeck, she is also busy exploring the development of professional (CPD) courses on marketing, ethnography, consumer research, and related areas.

Please also view Wendy's LinkedIn profile for further details on her professional and educational background.